Partnering with the Oxford Hackspace, this year we will be providing introductory courses to 3D printing, 3D modelling and robotics. We welcome people from all background and experience levels to join us, courses are designed for begineers with absolutely no experience at all.

This is your opportunity to start your own individual project, or join one of the existing projects lead by our experienced workshop managers.

Schedule (2017-2018)

Week MichaelmasTerm Hilary Term Trinity Term
Week 1

(14th Oct 2017)

Workshop induction


Project Initation

Week 2

(27th Jan 2018)

Project Workshop

(29th Apr 2018)

Project Workshop

Week 3

(28th Oct 2017)

3D Printing Intro 1

Project Workshop

(3rd Feb 2018)

Project Workshop

Week 4

(4th Nov 2017)

Arduino 4 Beginners p1

Project Workshop

(10th Feb 2018)

Workshop suspended

(19th Apr 2018)

Social Lunch

Project Workshop

Week 6

(18th Nov 2017)

Project workshop

(24th Feb 2018)

Workshop suspended

Week 7

(25th Nov 2018)

Arduino 4 Beginners p2

Project Workshop

Week 8

(2nd Dec 2018)

Project Workshop

(10th Mar 2018)

Workshop suspended

Social lunch starts on 12:30, and courses on 13:30. For those doing individual or group projects, simply pop-in anytime between 13:00 and 16:00. All our workshop activities will take place at The Oxford Hackspace.

Workshop managers

If you have a project that we might be interested, and you would like to be the person leading it, please contact our workshop managers.

We are interested in projects of the following categories:

  • 3D Printing, Modelling and Design Projects
  • 3D Arts and Fashion Projects
  • Robotics and Mechanics Projects
  • IOT Projects