Consulting & Research

Our Mission

To deliver outstanding solutions for manufacturers in the use of additive manufacturing, and several rapidly emerging technologies such as intelligent automation and computational modelling that are related to additive manufacturing. In this way, we are also able to provide talented young engineers and scientists with the opportunity to gain experience working on real-world projects.

Types of Consulting & Research Projects

  • Short term - optimal exploitation of the state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and other related, rapidly emerging technologies
  • Long term - study the future of design and manufacturing technologies and markets

Our Strength and Value Proposition

  • A wide pool of highly competent and motivated students and young academics in engineering, science and business, interested in gaining practical experiences
  • Potential recruitment for the client companies
  • Neutral
  • Non-profit and cost-competitive
  • Wider connections with non-UK universities and companies
  • Brand exposure

Our Interests

  • The future adaptation and integration of additive manufacturing with other emerging and existing technologies in the manufacturing ecosystem.