About Us

The Society

The Oxford Robotics and Additive Manufacturing Society (previously Oxford 3D Printing society) is the first University Society in the UK for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Embedded in the University of Oxford, we are an educational and research platform that aims to empower both academia and industry to impact the upcoming industrial revolution in the most positive way.

Projects & Activities

Education and collaboration

  • Talks, Seminars & Tours
  • Workshop and projects
  • Social media


  • Connecting academia and industry
  • Social and networking events

Prof. Jeroen Bergmann Senior Member

The Committee

Sneha Ramshanker President


Watson Wang Secretary


Thomas Koeck Treasurer


Harry Orchard Sponsorship & Social Media Officer


Guillermo Valle IT Officer


Roland Whitely Workshop Director


Jing Yang Events and Marketing Officer


Po Chan President 2017-2018


Josef Hazi President 2016-2017


Ding Shin Huang President 2014-2016



Sven Kirkerup EMBA Oxford Said Business School

Paul Upham Consultant in Additive Manufacturing and Digital Modelling

Jim Leek Web Development Officer, Engineering Science Dept.